Old and Middle English Texts - Marco Mincoff
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Търговец: Scriptbooks , Севлиево


Old and Middle English Texts

Marco Mincoff

Цена 12.00 лв
употребявана книга
Корица: мека
Година :1978
Страници: 144
Език: английски
Състояние: много добро
Категория: Чуждоезиково обучение учебници, Езикознание учебници

Текстове по старо- и средноанглийски

Състояние: Записан номер на задна корица.

Part I 

Old English

1. From the Earliest Glossaries

2. Cadmon’s Hymn

3. Bede’s Hymn

4. The Leyden Riddle

5. From the Vespasian Psalter

6. The Will of Oswulf

7. From the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle I

8. From King Alfred's Orosius

9. From King Alfred’s Boethius

10. From Aelfric’s Life of King Oswald

11. From Aethelwold’s Translation of the Regula S. Benedicti

12. From the West-Saxon Gospels

13. From the Rushworth Gospels

14. From the Lindisfarne Gospels

15. From Wulfstan’s Sermons

16. From the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle II

17. The Prophet Daniel

Old English Glossary

Notes to the Texts

Part II

Middle English

1. The Proclamation of Henry II

2. The Proclamation of Henry III

3. From Vices and Virtues

4. From King Alisaunder

5. From The Ayenbite of Inwyt

6. From The Proverbs of Alfred

7. From The Owl and the Nightingale

8. From the Ancren Riwle

9. From Layamon’s Brut

10. From St. Katherine

11. From the Gloucester Legendary

12. From John of Trevisa

13. The Song of the Husbandman

14. From Sir Orfeo

15. From The Destruction of Troy

16. From the Towneley Play of Noah 

17. The York Play of the Shepherds

18. From the Cursor Mundi

19. From A Sermon on ChristmasDay

20. From Barbour’s Bruce

21. From The Kingis Quair

22. From the Ormulum

23. From Robert Manning’s Chronicle

24. From Genesis and Exodus

25. John Ball’s Letter to the Peasants of Essex

26. From Chaucer’s Somnour’s Tale

Middle English Glossary

Notes to the Texts



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Old and Middle English Texts , Marco Mincoff