Let's Cook It Right - Adelle Davis
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Let's Cook It Right

Adelle Davis

Цена 15.00 лв
употребявана книга
Корица: мека
Година :1970
Страници: 574
Формат: джобен
Език: английски
Състояние: добро
Категория: Готварски и кулинарни книги, Книги за дома и семейството
Davis manages to transform a recipe book into a fascinating look into the biochemistry of food. Her books are the only comprehensive description I've ever found of practical nutrition, and this one is no exception. The technical information is made accessible and interesting, even for the general reader. The recipes are detailed, easy to use and often delicious when prepared to her instructions. Many of her ideas come from the great cooking traditions of the world. Her procedure for making soup stock, for example, is classically French a la Julia Child and just as practical. The difference here is that you'll know what makes soup stock incredibly delicious, highly nutritious and what your body does with it. Ever wonder why vegetables are easily overcooked? Davis explains the delicate enzymatic and structural changes that take place during cooking that can make broccoli either an appetizing green forest or a puddle of colorless goo. All of her main points are backed by journal research cited in bibliographical notes. Fascinating! Everyone should read these books!

Let's Cook It Right, Adelle Davis
Let's Cook It Right, Adelle Davis